Hippy Intake Form (Vaginal Steaming)

Do you have a short cycle? Are your periods missing? Are you on birth control? Please use this questionnaire if this is your first time yoni steaming, or would like to have a consultation to provide the best vaginal steaming formula. Every yoni is different!

Please use this link below to fill out the intake form for a free vaginal steam consultation. All information is always confidential. All questions must be answered honestly to connect you with the best steam option.



Are you pregnant?

Unfortunately, you are not able to vaginal steam while pregnant. Steaming is contraindicated because, steam can cause the cervix to open resulting in miscarriage Don't fret! Vaginal steaming postpartum does miracles! Definitely start implementing vaginal steaming postpartum to help balance your womb from the journey she just went through. Postpartum steaming can help with replenishing the vaginal tissues with the needed vitamins and minerals. May help with any tearing or scarring, balancing the root and sacral chakra, and tapping into the divine feminine.